Celadon Gourd-shaped Ewer and Stand with Inlaid Grass and Flower Design

  • Culture / Period

    Goryeo Dynasty

  • Provenance

    Gaeseong area

  • Materials

    Ceramics - Celadon

  • Dimensions

    H. 29.8cm, (mouth) D. 18.5cm

  • Designation

    Treasure 1930

  • Accession Number

    Deoksu 6236


This ewer contains unique designs applied using a paste-on-paste technique that involves creating a design on white clay with a paintbrush. The technique is used to decorate an object with dots or to draw patterns. The design is commonly simplified or distorted rather than a lifelike depiction, and it can be rendered freely since it uses a paintbrush as in making designs in iron underglaze.

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