Sarira Reliquary from Three-Storied Pagoda of Hwangboksa Temple Site(Cups with Curved Foot)

  • Culture / Period

    Unified Silla Period

  • Provenance


  • Materials

    Metal - Gilt-bronze

  • Accession Number

    Bongwan 14755


These cups with a curved foot were found inside the sarira reliquary when the Three-story Stone Pagoda in Guhwang-dong, Gyeongju was dismantled for restoration in 1942. The sarira reliquary contained a green glass bottle, a gold sarira container, a silver sarira container, and a gilt-bronze outer chest enshrined in the order named from the inside. Carved on the lid of the gilt-bronze outer chest was a statement that this sarira reliquary was sealed to extend condolences for the deaths of King Sinmun, King Hyoso, and Queen Sinmok. Ninety-nine miniature pagodas were engraved on the four sides of the outer chest in a dotted line. This statement and the miniature pagodas are meaningful in that the decoration and enshrinement of this sarira reliquary were inspired by the Spotless Pure Light Dharani Sutra, which was translated into Chinese in 704.

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