Gold Waist Belt from Geumgwanchong Tomb

  • Culture / Period

    Silla Kingdom

  • Provenance


  • Materials

    Metal - Gold

  • Dimensions

    L. 109.0cm

  • Designation

    National Treasure 88

  • Accession Number

    Bongwan 9415


Belt ornaments of Silla consisted of two parts: one part for decorating the surface of a belt, and the other part for hanging ornaments from the belt. The rectangular surface decoration is lavishly adorned with heart-shaped attachments, tiny metal flakes, and intricate openwork of three-leaf designs originating from vine designs. Many other items were typically hung from this ornament, including bottles of medicine or perfume to ward off disease, metal fish or dragon pendants symbolizing abundance and immortality, curved jade pieces, and whetstone caps.

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