White Porcelain Water Dropper with Taegeuk and Eight Trigrams Design in Underglaze Cobalt Blue

  • Culture / Period

    Joseon Dynasty

  • Materials

    Ceramics - White Porcelain

  • Dimensions

    H. 7.0cm

  • Accession Number

    Sujeong 147


This white porcelain water dropper is characterized by a drum-shaped body decorated with a motif of the yin-yang (taegeuk) symbol that many Confucian philosophers, including the great Song thinker Zhou Dunyi, favored as a representation of the microcosmos and macrocosmos. In this particular motif, the dark portion represents yin and the light area is yang. The side walls of this vessel are embellished with lotus and eggplant carvings.

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