Calligraphy Album of Yi Gwang-sa

  • Culture / Period

    Joseon Dynasty

  • Materials

    Silk Fabric - Silk

  • Artist

    Yi Gwang-sa(李匡師, 1705-1777)

  • Dimensions


  • Designation

    Treasure 1677-2

  • Accession Number

    Deoksu 2479


This is a seal script calligraphic transcription by the famous late Joseon calligrapher Yi Gwang-sa of a poem entitled “Passing the Dongting Lake” by the poet Du Fu (712-770) of the Tang Dynasty. It is contained in a calligraphy album that displays diverse aspects of his seal script calligraphy. His work provokes in the viewer and aesthetic emotional response equal to appreciating a striking painting. The contents of Du Fu’s poem lend an abiding impression of elegance to the work.

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