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Chapter 1

Article 1 (Purpose)

This Agreement shall stipulate conditions and procedures to use all services that the Site of National Museum of Korea (hereinafter, “NMK”) provides (hereinafter, the “Service”), rights, responsibilities, and duties between users and NMK.

Article 2 (Validity and Modification of the Agreement)

  1. On your consent to this Agreement, all activities in relation to the supply of Service by NKM on the Site and your use of Service will be subject to this Agreement.
  2. This Agreement may be modified without notice. Such modification shall be informed on the Site or via e-mail to members, upon which the effect will take place immediately. Any member not agreeing to such modified Agreement is allowed to cancel their registration for membership (Withdrawal). Continuous use will be deemed to be approval to it.

Article 3 (Other Regulations)

  1. Any matter not stipulated in this Agreement shall be subject to Telecommunications Basic Act, Telecommunications Business Act, Regulations for Review by Information Communication Ethics Committee, Information and Communication Ethics, Program Protection Act and other relevant acts.

Article 4 (Definition)

When used in this Agreement, each of the following terms shall have the following respective meaning.

  1. User means a person who uses the Service of NMK Site under this Agreement.
  2. Subscription means to fill in the subscription form in NMK Site to complete Service Use Contract by consenting to this Agreement.
  3. Member means a person who has registered as a member to NMK Site by providing their personal information and is allowed to use the Service.
  4. Password means the combination of letters and numbers designated by a User in order to identify such user for the purpose of protecting their secrecy on communication.
  5. Cancellation means the act when a member terminates Service Use Contract.

Chapter 2. Supply and Use of the Service

Article 5 (Validation)

  1. Service will take effect when a user completes an on-line subscription form that NMK Site provides.
  2. NMK Site may terminate Service of a user if one of the following events occurs.
    1. 1) If subscription is made under a third person’s name
    2. 2) If any matter in the subscription form is false
    3. 3) If such user obstructs other person’s use of the Service, or misappropriates other person’s personal information
    4. 4) If such user uses NMK Site to commit any action prohibited by law or this Agreement
    5. 5) If requirements for subscription provided by NMK Site are not fulfilled

Article 6 (Consent to Use of Member Information)

  1. Member’s information shall be protected by the Act for Protection of Personal Information by Public Agencies.
  2. Member’s information of NMK Site shall be used, managed, and protected as follows.
    1. 1) Use of personal information: NMK Site shall not disclose or expose its members’ information collected during subscription process to any third party without prior consent, except when it is required to do so by demand from national authorities pursuant to provisions of laws such as Telecommunications Basic Act or under any need for investigation from Information Communication Ethics Committee, any other demand to do that pursuant to procedure provided relevant laws, or when a member exposes their own information spontaneously.
    2. 2) Management of personal information: A member is allowed to correct/delete its information at any time for the purpose of protection and proper maintenance on Personal Information screen in the Site.
    3. 3) Protection of personal information: Only members are allowed to read/correct/delete their own information, which they will be allowed to access by members’ IDs and passwords. Therefore, IDs and passwords should be kept secret, and log-out/closing the web-browser is recommended when finished.
  3. Subscription of a member to use the Service is deemed to consent to collection and use of member’s information by NMK Site.

Article 7 (Confidentiality by a User)

  1. On completion of subscription process to NMK Site Service, such member is responsible to manage its own information. A member shall be responsible for any result arising from the use of member’s ID and password.
  2. Members are responsible for management of their IDs and passwords. Members shall not be exempted from their responsibilities if they fail to report when inappropriate use is found.
  3. Users should disconnect when they finish using NMK Site Service. NMK Site will not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from use of a members’ information by a third party which results from the failure of such disconnection by the users.

Article 8 (Suspension of Service)

NMK Site is entitled to suspend or restrict its Service to a user if it violates this Agreement.

Article 9 (Modification or Cancellation of Service)

  1. NMK Site will not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage incurred from using Service information by members. Also, it will not be responsible for the information, materials, reliability, accuracy, etc. which are provided by members.
  2. NMK Site will not be responsible for any loss to members incurred from use of Service due to members’ intention or negligence.

Article 10 (Copyright of Site Posts)

  1. Members shall keep their own copyrights in relation to any material posted on the Site.
  2. NMK Site is entitled to edit, move, and delete without prior notice pursuant to its maintenance principle.
  3. Members shall be responsible for any matter arising from infringement of copyright.

Chapter 3. Duties and Responsibilities

Article 11 (Responsibility of NKM Site)

The NKM Site shall not disclose or expose its members’ information to any third party without prior consent, except when it is required to do so by demand from national authorities pursuant to provisions of laws such as Telecommunications Basic Act.

Article 12 (Responsibility of Members)

  1. Information shall be accurate. To keep members’ information in proper status strict maintenance of members’ IDs and passwords is recommended.
  2. Members are not allowed to operate any kind of business using the Service without prior consent from NMK Site.

Chapter 4. Booking service and Cancellation

Article 13 (Booking service)

  1. NMK Site provides a booking service. Availability will differ depending on the choice of booking service by users. Only credit cards are acceptable. Booking shall be subject to provisions in the Home Page Guide. Any modification to policies of booking service shall take effect by sending e-mails or publication on a pop-up window.
  2. NMK Site shall keep the records of members’ using its booking service on “MY PAGE”.

Article 14 (Booking Fee)

NMK Site does not impose any fee on a booking service. The policy on booking service fee shall be notified to members for modification.

Article 15 (Notification of Reception)

  1. NMK Site shall notify users of confirmation of reception if such users apply to such service.
  2. Users may cancel their purchase when they find discrepancy on confirmation of reception.

Article 16 (Cancellation and Refund)

  1. Cancellation or refund is available on the NKM Site or by personal visit. Cancellation is allowed by 5 pm on the day for the admission ticket (Permanent Exhibition Hall and Children’s Museum), and by 24 pm on the preceding day for visual/audio equipment. Cancellation is now allowed after above due time.
  2. Users may cancel their purchase if they find a discrepancy on confirmation of reception.
  3. Process and date of refund may differ according to the time of cancellation and refund treatment policy of each credit company. Any matter in relation to such refund is recommended to be brought to each relevant credit card company. If the booking status shows cancellation after payment, or cancellation, or refund in whole, this represents that cancellation is properly done.
  4. Partial cancellation on internet is not allowed. (Change in number of people, change in number of units, etc.) Entire cancellation is recommended for subsequent new booking.

Chapter 5. Others

Article 17 (No Assignment)

Members shall not assign or transfer to any third party their rights to use Service or positions on their contracts.

Article 18 (Compensation)

NMK Site will not be responsible for any kind of loss or damage incurred from its free Service to members, except intentional crime committed by the NKM Site.

Article 19 (Indemnification)

  1. NMK Site shall notify users of confirmation of reception if such users apply to such service.
  2. NMK Site will not in any case be responsible for any product transaction or financial transaction, and any profit which members expect from use of the Service.

Article 20 (Jurisdiction)

Any dispute between NMK Site and its users in relation to use of Service shall be governed by the laws of Republic of Korea, and courts of Republic of Korea shall have competent jurisdiction.

Supplementary Provisions

(Effective Date) This Agreement shall take effect from December 22, 2005.

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