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1945 ~

National Museum
Gyeongbokgung Palace : the First Period

When Japan was defeated in the Second World War, Korea regained its independence. Upon liberation in 1945, Korea took over the Joseon Government-General Museum and renamed it the “National Museum” (國立博物館). At that time, the museum’s organization and exhibitions were insignificant compared to what exists today. Nevertheless, the museum played a significant role in restoring the nation's damaged cultural pride and correcting false historical images of Korea.

December 3, 1945
The Joseon Government-General Museum was renamed and reorganized as the National Museum.

April 1946
The Gaeseong City Museum was merged with the Gaeseong Branch of the National Museum.

December 1950
The National Folk Museum at Mt. Namsan was renamed the Namsan Branch of the National Museum.

October 1954
The National Museum was relocated to its Namsan Branch.

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