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Black-glazed ware in Sinan shipwreck collection

  • Location

    Sinan shipwreck Gallery

  • Date Jun-04-2018 ~ Jun-02-2019


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Following the special exhibition Discoveries from the Sunken Ship of Sinan held in 2016 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the discovery of the treasures kept in the sunken ship off the seas of Sinan, this event presents a collection of 180 black-glazed porcelain works selected from the underwater cultural remains discovered from the historical trading ship. The exhibition is a result of the latest research which also led to the publication of the Reports on the Researches of the Underwater Remains of Sinan series in which the black-glazed porcelain is dealt with in the third volume. The researchers found that the black-glazed porcelain was made in the Chinese provinces of Jianxi, Hebei and, more importantly, Fujian which had Jian kilns. The themes of the exhibition include the relationship between the black-glazed ware and tea drinking tradition and the changes in the trend of using tea bowls.


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