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Man, Matter, Metamorphosis - 10 000 Years of Design

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    Special Exhibition Gallery in Permanent Exhibition Hall

  • Date Dec-21-2019 ~ May-10-2020


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We are accustomed to thinking of history in a linear way: past – present – future. But what if we stop to observe the collection that results from these artificial time periods as a single and dynamic entity?
This special exhibition, Man, Matter, Metamorphosis - 10,000 Years of Design, organized by the National Museum of Korea and the National Museum of Finland, introduces materials, cultures, and technologies that have been ceaselessly changed and developed in Finland over the last 10 000 years from a new perspective.
This exhibition is not in the chronological order of past-present-future. It does not follow the taxonomy according to era, nor does it categorize objects in a traditional way. We will take a look at numerous objects used by people who have lived in the Finnish region for 10 000 years after the Ice Age, by classifying them differently. In addition, it aims to take a challenging approach and explore the value of Finnish material culture and design born from dialogue between society and ecosystem.
It will offer an interesting moment to experience new perspectives on how the objects in the remote past have so much in common with those of today, how the past continues to affect the future, and the similarities and differences in the material cultures of the two distant regions of Korea and Finland.

o Exhibition Name: Man, Matter, Metamorphosis - 10 000 Years of Design
o Period: Dec. 21, 2019 (Sat) – May. 10, 2020 (Sun)
o Place: Special Exhibition Gallery in Permanent Exhibition Hall on 1F of the National Museum of Korea
    ※ After the exhibition in the National Museum of Korea is finished, it will be displayed in the Gimhae National Museum (Jun. 2, – Aug. 16, 2020) and the Cheongju National Museum (Sep. 1 – Oct. 4, 2020) in the order named.
o Exhibitions: 140 articles of Finnish cultural heritage in various categories, including archeology, folklore, modern industrial design, photography, and video.
o Lenders: National Museum of Finland, Finnish Cultural Heritage Administration of Finland, Design Museum Helsinki, Alvar Aalto Museum, etc.
o Organized by: National Museum of Korea
o Cooperated with: Embassy of Finland in Korea
o Operated by: Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea


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