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The following policies apply to anyone who wishes to photograph or measure items from the collection, or anyone who wishes to use copies or photographs of items from the collection.

How can I get permission to photograph or reproduce items from the museum?

  • If you want to photograph or reproduce items from the museum’s collection, you must submit an application for reproduction at least five days in advance of the desired date of reproduction. If your application is approved, you will receive a letter from the museum permitting you to photograph or reproduce the respective items you requested.
  • For the safety and security of the items, you must obey the guidance of the museum staff.

What are the rules for photographing or reproducing items from the museum?

  • To ensure the safety of the items, you must only use the light offered by the museum during photography or reproduction.
  • If you in any way damage the items that you are reproducing or any other property of the museum, you must compensate for the damage in accordance with the decision of the president of the museum.

What are the rules for using my photographs or reproductions?

  • When using the photograph or reproduction, you must clearly identify the source and submit proof of evidence to the museum.
  • You may not use the photograph or reproduction for any purpose that has not been previously permitted by the museum, and it is forbidden to make a secondary copy of the photograph or reproduction.
  • If you make an online posting of images or publications offered by the museum, you must use a reproduction-preventing program for images over 320×240 pixels in size.
  • If the museum determines that its images or reproduced resources have been used without proper authorization or that the conditions of image permission have been violated, the museum can ask the relevant offices to impose a penalty and the violator could be forced to suspend the given publication for a certain period of time.

What are the fees for using images from the museum?

What are the fees for using images from the museum?
  Detail Quantity fee
Using items from the collection Photographing 1 30,000 won
Videotape recording 1 30,000 won
Rubbing 1 30,000 won
Measuring 1 30,000 won
Using copied or photographed resources Photographic film: 4″×5″ (color or black-and-white) 1 30,000 won
Digital data (300dpi): 11˝×14˝ 1 30,000 won
Digital data (300dpi): 6.5˝×10˝ 1 20,000 won
Digital data (300dpi): 5˝×7˝ 1 5,000 won
  • * Additional photographing by a personal camera is permitted free of charge.

Who should I contact for more information about photographs and reproductions?

For permission to take photographs of the collection, please contact:

  • Kim Jae-young, Collection Management Department
  • +82-2-2077-9403
  • +82-2-2077-9921

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