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1955 ~

National Museum
Deoksugung Palace Period

The National Museum was severely weakened by the devastation of the Korean War. Kim Chaewon, the director of the museum, asked President Syngman Rhee to provide an appropriate space for the museum to preserve and exhibit its collections. Rhee ordered part of Deoksugung Palace, which had been destroyed during the war, to be repaired and used as the new National Museum, which opened to the public in June 1955.

June 23, 1955
The National Museum was relocated from Mt. Namsan to Seokjojeon in Deoksugung Palace.

July 24, 1968
The governing authority of the National Museum was transferred from the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Culture and Public Information.

May 1969
The National Museum was reorganized and integrated with the Deoksugung Art Museum.

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