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Dear Visitors,
As Director General, I would like to welcome you to the National
Museum of Korea (NMK), where history and culture are alive.
NMK is designed to help visitors better appreciate Korean
history and culture, as well as world culture.

By fostering artistic and cultural sensitivity,
it is a place that helps us fully appreciate and
enjoy culture.

In order to truly know the history and culture of a country, you must visit its museums. It is there that you will find traces of the lives of the past, which enable us to better understand the present and anticipate the future.

Visitors to the museum can understand and appreciate Korean history and culture through diverse experiences, events, and exhibitions. Our permanent collection offers a fascinating journey through thousands of years of history, from simple hand axes of the Paleolithic Age, to a splendid gold crown from the Three Kingdoms Period, exquisite celadon from the Goryeo Dynasty, masterful paintings from the Joseon Dynasty, and photographs from modern times. By immersing themselves in such captivating artifacts and artworks, visitors will understand the deep national pride that Koreans feel for their unique culture.

NMK strives to provide visitors with the most entertaining and informative cultural experiences, introducing various cultures through an array of exhibitions and informative programs. The museum’s vast collection is presented in rotating displays in our six permanent exhibition halls. We also regularly feature major special exhibitions on important themes, and provide exciting educational programs for children. In addition, we have recently upgraded our facilities and rest areas, to make your visit even more pleasant. The museum’s enchanting garden is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll during any season of the year.

Culture has only flourished in countries that have proactively engaged with other countries, which is why NMK has become much more active in international exhibition exchanges. Recently, we organized huge overseas exhibitions of Korean heritages to promote Korean culture in other parts of the world, and we regularly host major exhibitions introducing the history and culture of other countries, as part of our “Overseas Civilizations” series. These exhibitions help increase the visibility and esteem of Korean culture in cities around the world, while allowing our own visitors to encounter diverse civilizations from different parts of the globe. These efforts are aimed at inspiring our visitors to coexist with global transformations.

NMK seeks to be a catalyst for dialogue between regions, nations, cultures, and academia, not to merely serve as a window to the past and present. With the goal of igniting communication, NMK will help our nation open its mind and perspective in order to view the world without prejudice, while inspiring creativity. To this end, we will continue to collect, preserve, and research exceptional artifacts. These endeavors will help us create fabulous exhibitions and educational programs.

NMK pledges to continually enhance its status as a world-class cultural agency, and to be a museum that all visitors can have meaningful experience. We hope that you have a memorable time with your family and friends while enjoying our many cultural programs. Thank you very much.

Director General
National Museum of Korea

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