• Immersive Digital Gallery 3
  • Location of Immersive Digital Gallery 3 on 1F of permanent exhibition hall

Immersive Digital Gallery 3

Projected on four sides (front wall, left and right walls, and ceiling), this 3D digital video brings the renowned Goguryeo tomb murals to life, shedding new light on the ancient kingdom of Goguryeo.
  • ◦ Location: Goguryeo Room of Prehistory and Ancient History Gallery (1st floor of Permanent Exhibition Hall)
  • ◦ Admission: Free (no reservation required)
  • ◦ Hours: 10:00 to 30 minutes prior to museum closing hour
  • ◦ Program
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    Title Run-time Summary Schedule
    Encountering Goguryeo through Images on Stone Walls 14 mins. Digital recreation of Goguryeo murals from Anak Tomb No. 3, Deokheung-ri Tomb, and Gangseo Tomb, projected on four sides (front, left, and right walls, and ceiling) Daily

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