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Collecting Asian Objects in Colonial Korea
Date2014-11-14 Hit1980  

The National Museum of Korea hosted “Collecting Asian Objects in Colonial Korea,” an international conference held in conjunction with the 2014 special exhibition, “Collecting Asian Objects in Colonial Korea.” The conference, sponsored by the Friends of the National Museum of Korea, was held at the Main Auditorium of the National Museum of Korea on November 14, 2014, with six speakers and three discussants. Various scholars from inside and outside of South Korea gave presentations on wide-ranging topics, reviewing the historical background of Asian collections in colonial Korea, and a thematic review of Asian collections in the National Museum of Korea. The participants included Seong Si Lee (Professor, Waseda University, Japan), Timothy Clark (Japanese Art Curator, British Museum, United Kingdom), Siras Josin (Professor, Hiroshima University), Yamanashi Emiko (Tokyo National Research Institute, Japan), Haeng Ga Gwon (Research Professor, Duksung Women’s University), and Tae Hee Lee (Curator, Asia Department). The general discussion was chaired by Seung Hee Kim, Chief of Asia Department, and discussions were given by Yoshii Hideo (Professor, Kyoto National University, Japan), Su Hyeon Mok (Researcher, Gyujanggak), and Hae Won Kim (Curator, Asia Department).

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