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Sogdian History and Culture
Date2010-09-03 Hit1821  

The “Sogdian History and Culture” Symposium was held in conjunction with “The Crossroads of Civilizations: Ancient Culture of Uzbekistan” (November 16, 2009 September 26, 2010). The purpose of the program was to introduce Sogdian culture to South Korean researchers and the general public. It was held at the Small Auditorium of the National Museum of Korea on September 3, 2010, with eight experts from Korea and overseas joining as speakers and discussants. The speakersByeong Hun Min (Chief of Asia Department, National Museum of Korea), Rustam Suleimanov (former Director of the Samarkand Institute of Archaeology), Pavel Lurye (Researcher, Hermitage Museum, Russia), Miyashita Saeko (Researcher, Tokyo Ancient Orient Museum), Yong Mun Kim (Professor, GangneungWonju National University), and Mirsadik Ishkov (Professor, Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan)introduced the current status and findings of researches on topics ranging from history and archaeology to art history and the history of costumes.

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