• You can eat lunch and take a break in Lunch Lounge, located across from the Children’s Museum Shop. This rest area is specifically intended for children and family visitors, and has the same hours as the museum(10:00-17:50).

  • The Children’s Museum offers a variety of education programs for children, family, and schools. The programs are specially designed to help participants better understand diverse aspects of Korean history and culture. The programs are arranged into three categories, depending on when they are offered: Weekday Programs, Weekend Programs, and Vacation Programs.
  • You can participate in our education programs by making an online reservation or signing up at the museum.
    * To make an online reservation, follow this link. Choose the type of program (Weekday Programs, Weekend Programs, or Vacation Programs), and then choose the specific program that you want to join. Click “go to reserve” and make your reservation.
    ** Different programs have different procedures for reservations, so please check the contents of each program before you sign up.
  • ◦ At the "Small Rest Area - Library for Children," visitors can read books.
    ◦ The "Children's Classroom" is where children can enjoy exciting activities together with museum officials.
  • ◦ You can take photos for personal purposes inside the Children's Museum, but only without flash and tripod. 
    ◦ Taking photos of the interior of the Children's Museum for commercial purposes is permitted only with advance approval.
  • In four sections, the Children's Museum shows what life was like during prehistoric and ancient times. Visitors can see how people long ago lived at home, worked.
  • You can change your reservation by cancelling it and making a new one in online reservation.

  • A maximum of 450 people per session are allowed.
    For each session, online reservations are available for 200tickets. The other 250 tickets will be available at the museum on a first-come, first-served basis.
    Online reservations can be made up to 30days prior to the date of your visit.


    Please bring in the printout of your online reservation to gain entrance to the museum. With the printout, you do not need to pick up a ticket at the museum. 


  • Admission is free, but you must have a ticket to enter the Children's Museum.

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