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Man, Matter, Metamorphosis - 10 000 Years of Design GAYA SPIRIT-IRON AND TUNE Special Exhibition 'The Etruscans-Rising to Rome'
Kazakhstan-The Cradleland of the 'Golden Man' 500 Years of the Joseon Dynasty Maps EL DORADO, THE SPIRITS, GOLD AND THE SHAMAN. GOLD MUSEUM OF COLOMBIA
Nomadic Empires of the Mongolian Steppes The Dream of a King: Masterpieces from the Dresden State Art Collections  


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Passage to the History and Culture of Gaya Ten-story Stone pagoda from Gyeongcheonsa Temple
Royal Banquet in Geunjeongjeon Hall Joseon: The Movable Type Dynasty
The Dwellings of Neolithic Communities Uigwe
The Mythology of Ancient Egypt Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Art
Bezeklik Caves A Rain of Flowers
Clap in Awe, Album of Genre Paintings by Kim Hongdo Portraits of Lee Hangbok as a Hoseong Meritorious Subject
Royal Certificate of Meritorious Subject Issued to Lee Hangbok Thousand Character Classic