Special Needs Programs, Multicultural Programs

1. Museum, a Field of Dreams


  • Title: Museum, a Field of Dreams
  • Participants: Visitors with visual, hearing, intellectual, or orthopedic impairment
  • Date: Telephone reservations can be made during the school semester
  • Venue: Permanent Exhibition Gallery and Lecture Room
  • Subjects: Touching and viewing artifacts, learning about prehistoric life by examining petroglyphs, and making one’s own petroglyphs

2. Exhibition Area for Visually-impaired visitors

  • Participants: Visitors with visual impairments
  • Venue: Six places on the first floor of the Permanent Exhibition Gallery
  • Details: Visitors may touch replica artifacts, listen to explanations, and read captions in text and braille.

Artifacts and Points for the Disabled

Number Artifact Location
1 Handaxe 101 Paleolithic Period
2 Stone dagger &
Liaoning-type bronze dagger
103 Bronze Age & Gojoseon Period
3 Iron spearhead 104 Buyeo Kingdom/Samhan Period
4 Duck-shaped pottery 104 Buyeo Kingdom/Samhan Period
5 Gilt-bronze incense burner of Baekje 106 Baekje Kingdom
6 Jade seal of Emperor Gojong, Jade seal of Empress Myeongseong 120 Joseon Dynasty V