Learning programs in English

The National Museum of Korea offers learning programs on Korean history and culture.
  • Lectures

    Our academic lectures are highly renowned learning programs that share knowledge of Korean history, culture, and art at a professional level.

  • Workshops

    Our workshop programs provide research activities which encourage students and teachers to engage with traditional artifacts in the Museum collection.

  • Hands-on Activities

    Our various hands-on activities are designed to teach Korean history and culture from our collections and school textbooks.

  • Exhibition Related Programs

    Our exhibition related programs enhance the visitor experience for special and temporary exhibitions of the National Museum of Korea.

  • Events & Resources

    Our events and learning resources offer professional, popular learning programs for the all ages and special groups.

  • Travelling Museum Bus

    Travelling museum bus of the National Museum of Korea travels to local school and remote areas in Korea throughout the year. There is an exhibition inside the bus where people can touch and explore.