Learning programs in English

The National Museum of Korea offers learning programs on Korean history and culture.
  • Lectures

    Our academic lectures are highly renowned learning programs that share knowledge of Korean history, culture, and art at a professional level.

  • Workshops

    Our workshop programs provide research activities which encourage students and teachers to engage with traditional artifacts in the Museum collection.

  • Hands-on Activities

    Our various hands-on activities are designed to teach Korean history and culture from our collections and school textbooks.

  • Exhibition Related Programs

    Our exhibition related programs enhance the visitor experience for special and temporary exhibitions of the National Museum of Korea.

  • Events & Resources

    Our events and learning resources offer professional, popular learning programs for the all ages and special groups.

  • Mobile Museum

    Throughout the year, our Mobile Museum travels to outreach areas, bringing Korean traditional artifacts to locals and students who have difficulty accessing the Museum.