Immersive Digital Gallery Overview

  • Opening date: May 20, 2020
  • Location: Immersive Digital Gallery
  • Office in charge: Digital Museum Division (02-2077-9099)
국립중앙박물관 디지털 실감 영상관 IMMERSIVE DIGITAL GALLERY 실감 2020.5.20.수 개관


  • In the Immersive Digital Gallery, visitors are fully immersed in a variety of digital contents related to Korean cultural heritage. Through the universal language of images, the Immersive Digital Gallery inspires every visitor—regardless of age, nationality, or background knowledge—to become newly interested in the exhibited artworks and artifacts, and to feel more familiar with Korean cultural heritage. By bringing the treasures of the museum's collection closer to visitors, the Immersive Digital Gallery ultimately acts as a bridge between yesterday and today.
  • *At present, in compliance with social distancing, you must make a reservation in order to visit the museum. Anyone with a general reservation may visit Immersive Digital Gallery 1 and 3, and the Ten-story Stone Pagoda of Gyeongcheonsa Temple. However, you must make a separate reservation if you also wish to experience the VR tours in Immersive Digital Gallery 2.