Immersive Digital Gallery 1

  • Location of Immersive Digital Gallery 1 on 1F of permanent exhibition hall

Immersive Digital Gallery 1 will be temporarily closed on February 15 (Mon) and March 7(Sun).

Immersive Digital Gallery 1

  • Visitors are invited on an unforgettable journey through the world of some of Korea's most famous paintings. Digital videos projected on a massive panoramic screen (60 meters wide and 5 meters high) provide an immersive experience that is unlike anything you have ever felt before.
  • ◦ Location: Medieval and Early Modern History Gallery (1st floor of Permanent Exhibition Hall)
  • ◦ Admission: Free (no reservation required)
  • ◦ Hours: 10:00 to 30 minutes prior to museum closing
  • ◦ Program
    This is the information table about Title, Run-time, Summary, Schedule in the Immersive Digital Gallery 1 program.
    Title Run-time Summary Schedule Brochure
    Reflecting the Ideals of the Joseon Literati: Chaekgado, "Scholar’s Accoutrements" - Interactive experience with "Chaekgado", "Scholar's Accoutrements" paintings from the Joseon Dynasty. Choose your bookshelf and the items you want to display. Daily Download
    Climbing Mt. Geumgang 12 mins. This digital video combines many "true-view" landscape paintings of Mt. Geumgang, such as Album of Mt. Geumgang in the Sinmyo Year by Jeong Seon. The beautiful scenery of Mt. Geumgang—such as Nine Dragon Falls, Jangansa Temple, Rock-carved Buddha Triad—comes to life before your eyes, complete with seasonal changes. Daily Download
    Royal Procession with the People 11 mins. An immersive 3D rendering of the Joseon documentary painting King Jeongjo's Procession to His Father's Tomb in the Eulmyo Year. Starting from Changdeokgung Palace at dawn to evening fireworks in Hwaseong, this digital video allows you to join the people of Joseon in appreciating the kindness and generosity of King Jeongjo. Enjoy court dances performed by intangible cultural heritage trainees, recorded with motion-capture technology. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Download
    Journey of the Soul: Walking Through the Eternal Cycle of Birth, Death, and Rebirth 12 mins. Experience the Buddhist view of the afterlife through paintings such as the "Ten Kings of the Underworld". By journeying through death, judgment, punishment, and reincarnation, viewers are sure to gain a fresh appreciation of the meaning and value of life. Monday, Friday Download
    Banquet of Taoist Immortals 11 mins. This digital video creates the world of Taoist immortals with paintings such as The Turquoise Pond Banquet of Xiwangmu and The Ten Symbols of Longevity. The visual pleasure is enhanced by a media-art rendering of the blue-and-green landscape that serves as the backdrop for each painting. Wednesday, Sunday Download
    *The museum may need to limit the number of people permitted to enter at any certain time.

Immersive Digital Gallery Videos

왕의 행차, 백성과 함께하다 Royal Processing with the People 신선들의 잔치 Banquet of Taoist Immortals 금강산에 오르다 Climbing Mt.Geumgang 영혼의 여정: 아득한 윤회의 길을 걷다 The Journey of the Soul: the Eternal Cycle 국립중앙박물관 디지털 실감 영상관 IMMERSIVE DIGITAL GALLERY | 실감

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