International Conferences

Korea–Japan Symposium on Japanese Art

Date : 2005-12-09

On December 9, 2005, in celebration of the “Year of KoreaJapan Friendship,” the National Museum of Korea held a symposium to deepen our understanding on the diversity of Japanese art and the relationship between the two countries through art. Six speakers were invited for the symposium. In Part 1, under the general topic of “Understanding Japanese Art,” Gajitani Ryoji (梶谷亮治, Nara National Museum), Iwasa Mitsuharu (巖佐光晴, Tokyo National Museum), Matsubara Sigeru (松原茂, Tokyo National Museum), and Arakawa Masaki (荒川正明, Idemitsu Museum of Arts) made presentations on Buddhist paintings, Buddhist sculptures, Emaki, and ceramics. In Part 2, under the topic of “Exchange between Korean Art and Japanese Art,” Youngwon Kim (Chief of Fine Arts Department, National Museum of Korea), and Sun Pyo Hong disclosed the outcomes of their researches on the KoreaJapan exchange of ceramics and paintings.