Bronze Bell with Inscription of "Qinging si Nian" (淸寧四年, "the 4th Cheongnyeong Year")

  • Culture / Period

    Goryeo Dynasty

  • Provenance


  • Materials

    Metal - Copper Alloy

  • Dimensions

    H. 83.2cm

  • Designation

    Treasure 1166

  • Accession Number

    Sinsu 1755


The S-shaped loop at the top of this bronze bell displays exquisite details, including the dragon’s scales and a bead held within the dragon’s mouth. The Chinese characters within the square block at the bottom include “Qinging si Nian” (淸寧四年, “the 4th Cheongnyeong Year”), which refers to 1058 (the 12th year of the reign of King Munjong of the Goryeo Dynasty). The bottom ornamental belt is placed right below the dangjwa, the areas where the bell is struck, the top ornamental belt is placed along the shoulder of the bell, and a couple of ornamental belts are draped over the upper section of the bell, revealing a new style quite unlike other Buddhist bells of the early Goryeo Period.

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