Gold Bracelets from Noseo-dong, Gyeongju

  • Culture / Period

    Silla Kingdom

  • Provenance


  • Materials

    Metal - Gold

  • Dimensions

    D. 8.0cm

  • Designation

    Treasure 454

  • Accession Number

    Sinsu 1291


Each of these gold bracelets excavated from an ancient tomb in Noseo-dong of Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do exhibits fifty-nine jade-inlaid protrusions arranged along the outer ring. They are also carved on both sides with a row of dragons with open mouths as if reaching to bite each other’s tails. The elaborately carved details, including the dragons’ scales and the inlaid jades, are clear evidence of the advanced techniques of Silla artisans.

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