Painting of Plum Blossoms on a Moonlit Night

  • Culture / Period

    Joseon Dynasty

  • Materials

    Silk Fabric - Silk

  • Artist

    Eo Mong-ryong(魚夢龍, 1566-?)

  • Dimensions

    119.1×53.0cm(Image, Hanging scroll painting)

  • Accession Number

    Deoksu 3145


Eo Mong-ryong (1566-?) was so skillful at painting plum blossoms in ink that his works on the subject were considered one of the three greatest types of paintings of the Joseon dynasty, along with Yi Jeong’s paintings of bamboo and Hwang Jip-jung’s paintings of grapevines. Eo’s style exerted a profound influence on the plum blossom paintings in black ink produced by Jo Sok, O Dal-je, Heo Mok, and Jo Ji-un. This example is characterized by quick, energetic brush strokes leaving unpainted white areas between the strokes.

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