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Kazakhstan-The Cradleland of the "Golden Man"

  • Location

    Special Exhibition Gallery (1st floor, Permanent Exhibition Hall)

  • Date Nov-27-2018 ~ Feb-24-2019


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In collaboration with the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the National Museum of Korea is proud to present this special exhibition, Kazakhstan, the Cradleland of the Golden Man. The exhibition highlights the civilization of the great plains of Kazakhstan and the cultural heritage of the peoples who have settled, moved, and resettled countless times around the heart of Eurasia. More than 450 items including the Golden Man, the symbol of Kazakhstan, are among the precious treasures representing the country’s culture and history spanning from prehistoric times to the modern era. We hope this exhibition will become a venue where visitors can gain a deeper appreciation for the civilization and culture of the vast grasslands, as well as the lives of the nomads.

Kazakhstan, a country located in the heart of Eurasia, a land with a lively civilization and culture on the vast plain, a place where various ethnicities coexist – we invite you to explore the history and culture of this great land.

Part 1  Heritage of the Great Steppe: Masterpieces of Jewelry Art

Part 2  The Steppe, an Open Space

Part 3   Mutual Growth and Coexistence: The Story of the People

Epilogue  Koreiler in Kazakhstan


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