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After Every Winter Comes Spring

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    Special Exhibition Gallery

  • Date Nov-24-2020 ~ Apr-04-2021


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Life’s Joys and Sorrows

Joy and sorrow go hand in hand, always, being within our reach.

There comes severe cold, followed by warmth, sadness giving way to delight.

Sometimes we are overcome with hardship and then a moment of peace arrives; we hate and we also love.


Here are two paintings.


Wintry Days

Depicts the pine’s unwavering spirit in the freezing cold of midwinter

that is a glimmer of hope to overcome a difficult moment.


Memorable Moments 

Depicts the moment of elation on a fine spring day when the Governor of Pyeongan began his service,

and his vow to care about the minds of his people and never be negligent in his duties.


Our ancestors overcame troubling times without giving up hope.

These difficult days will surely pass, and happiness like a spring day will soon return again.

As has always been, past and present, this is how life goes.  

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