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Treasures from the Sohn Collection of Calligraphy and Painting 3

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    Calligraphy and Painting Gallery

  • Date Nov-12-2019 ~ Feb-24-2020


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In November 2018, Sohn Chang Kun (孫昌根, b.1929) presented the National Museum of Korea with a total of 304 pieces in 202 discrete properties that he and his late father Sohn Se Ki (孫世基, 1903–1983) collected. Sohn Chang Kun admired paintings and calligraphic works by renowned Joseon artists including Jeong Seon (鄭敾, 1676–1759), Kim Jeong-hui (金正喜, 1786–1856), and Jang Seung-eop (張承業, 1843–1897). He wished to share with others the joy and happiness to be found in appreciating these works. The term “anbok” (眼福) refers to pleasing the eyes through beautiful painting and calligraphy. Thanks to this generous donation by Sohn Chang Kun, many more people have been granted a chance to enjoy such “anbok.” Following the previous two exhibitions on calligraphy and painting from the Sohn collection, the current installment features works by nineteenth-century calligraphers and painters who mastered tradition and yet transformed it in personal ways. We hope that viewers will appreciate the beauty of the Korean calligraphy and painting presented in the Sohn Seki and Sohn Changkun Gallery and remember the noble spirit of Sohn Chang Kun who so generously donated this collection to society.


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