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Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum

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    Special Exhibition Gallery

  • Date Dec-20-2016 ~ Apr-09-2017


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Opening of Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum

The National Museum of Korea is proud to present the special exhibition Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum in collaboration with the Brooklyn Museum in New York. The special exhibition features 229 objects from the ancient Egyptian collection from the Brooklyn Museum, which are the best-known highlights of the Museum’s collection. The Brooklyn Museum is also well known for its comprehensive Korean art collection and has a dedicated Korean Gallery space to display Korean art and culture.

Egyptian civilization, one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, is an ever-interesting theme for exhibitions. For centuries, Egypt has been a romantic excavation site for archaeologists, and has drawn international attention where ever there were new discoveries. As a result, numerous ancient Egyptian treasures have been collected and exhibited in the museums all around the world. Thus, Egyptian civilization which often referred to as “the gift of Nile” has become a gift to the whole world.

The theme of this special exhibition is "For an eternal life." It conveys the uniqueness of the ancient Egyptian civilization that can hardly be seen in other civilizations, such as Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife, the mummification for their eternal life, and mummies of divine animals.

Although the exhibition is entitled “Egyptian Treasures,” the exhibits are not just treasures as simple objects of admiration. They covey the creativity, artistry, and hope for eternal life of the ancient Egyptians. We hope that the visitors will take on a special journey in which they could encounter with the ancient Egyptians and their civilization.


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