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About the program

In an effort to shed light upon Korean Studies, the National Museum of Korea has offered the annual NMK Museum Network Fellowship. The program, which was initiated in 2012, is designed to promote museum-related Korean studies overseas. Participants are brought together at the Museum once a year, to build a museum network for future generations and enhance the quality of research.

Given the program’s purpose, eligible applicants do not include Korean citizens. In addition, candidates should not hold any relevant previous, concurrent, or subsequent fellowships or academic research positions at any Korean institution. Desired candidates are doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers—in some cases, master’s degree students might be considered—in the fields of museum-related Korean studies. Candidates who are not focused on Korean studies will be considered if their field of specialization pertains to Far East Asia. This is a bilingual program. Proficiency in English is required, and fluency in Korean is an advantage for participation. Applicants are required to submit their final papers by the 31st of October.


The program provides participants with valuable opportunities to gain field experience through comprehensive lectures on Korean Art, museum visits and fieldtrip to heritage sites around Korea.
  Morning session Break Afternoon Sesison
Day 1 Orientation   Keynote Speech & Gallery tour
Day 2 Museum Network Fellowship Colloquium 1
Korean Art: Ceramics and Paintings
Day 3 Museum Network Fellowship Colloquium 2
History of Cultural Exchange․Exhibition Korean Art
Day 4 Lecture: Korean Archaeology   Lecture: Buddhist Art of Korea
Day 5 Fieldtrip to historic city
Day 6 Fieldtrip to historic city
Day 7 Individual Research
Day 8 Lecture: Metal Craft of Korea   Lecture: Korean ceramics
Day 9 Lecture: Conservation of Korean Art   Visit to Storage
Day 10 visit to other museums
Day 11 Lecture: Korean Paintings   Lecture: Printing Culture of Joseon
Day 12 Lecture: Exhibiting Korean Art Abroad   Talk with NMK curators
  • - This is the curriculum of 2017’s program.
  • - The curriculum of future programs may vary depending on the research field and interest of participants.

NMK Museum Network Fellowship Alumni 2017:

  • Ms. Diana Chou | Associate Curator of Asian Art, San Diego Museum of Art, USA
  • Ms. Sooa Im McCormick | Assistant Curator of Asian Art, Cleveland Museum of Art, USA
  • Ms. Khanh Trinh | Curator of Japanese and Korean Art, Museum of Rietberg, Switzerland
  • Ms. Katharina Süberkrüb | Junior Curator, Museum of Ethnology Hamburg, Germany
  • Ms. Silvia Gaetti | Curator for Asian Art Collection, Grassi Museum of Applied Arts, Germany
  • Ms. Stephanie Su | Robert and Lisa Sainsbury Fellow, Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Cultures, UK
  • Mr. Sokha Tep | Ceramic Conservator, Deoartment of Archaeology and Prehistory, Ministory of Culture and Fine Arts, Cambodia
  • Ms. De-nin Lee | Assistant Professor of Art History, Emerson College, USA
  • Mr. Henning Von Mirbach | PhD student of History of Art and Architecture, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • Ms. Yunchen Lu | PhD student of History of Art and Architecture, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
  • Ms. Maria Sobotka | PhD Candidate, Art History, Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • Ms. Veronika Kovács | MA Korean Studies, ELTE University, Hungary

NMK Museum Network Fellowship Alumni 2016:

  • Ms. Birgitta Augustin
  • Mr. Yanfei Zhu
  • Ms. Kayi Ho
  • Mr. Chia-Chiu Tsai
  • Mr. Nathaniel Kingdon
  • Mr. Yuichiro Tashiro
  • Ms. Penny Bailey
  • Ms. Yanfei Yin
  • Ms. Snjezana Karinja
  • Ms. Petya Andreeva
  • Mr. Ming-Yen Wang
  • Ms. Shuyi Kan
  • Ms. Angelica Docog
  • Mr. Paul Ricketts

NMK Museum Network Fellowship Alumni 2015:

  • Mr. Karwin Cheung
  • Ms. Michaela De Lacaze
  • Mr. Frank Feltens
  • Ms. Petya Andreeva
  • Ms. Gabrielle Niu
  • Ms. Alexandra Miller
  • Ms. Linda Lin
  • Ms. Yim King Mak
  • Mr. Chun Wa Chan
  • Ms. Fan Zhang
  • Ms. Yuhua Ding
  • Ms. Eka Suzuki
  • Ms. Pei-Ying Lin
  • Ms. Elise David

NMK Museum Network Fellowship Alumni 2014:

  • Ms. Magdalena Kolodziej
  • Mr. Andrew Logie
  • Mr. Dongshan Zhang
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar
  • Ms. Jean Young Hyun
  • Ms. Sophia Alice Powers
  • Mr. Kin Sum Li
  • Ms. Minami Eguchi
  • Ms. Elizabeth Lee
  • Ms. Yan Yang
  • Ms. Rory C. Walsh
  • Ms. Ornella De Nigris
  • Ms. Snjezana Karinja
  • Ms. Stephanie Andrea Lauper
  • Ms. Chen Yunbing

NMK Museum Network Fellowship Alumni 2013:

  • Mr. Elmer Veldkamp
  • Mr. John Szostak
  • Ms. Beatrix Mecsi
  • Ms. Penny Bailey
  • Ms. Eugenia Bogdanova
  • Ms. Rachel Voorhies
  • Ms. Lihong Liu
  • Ms. Juliette Neu
  • Ms. Yanfei Yin
  • Ms. Yang Wang
  • Ms. Yang Sook Koh
  • Ms. CedarBough Saeji
  • Ms. Oh Mee Lee
  • Mr. Dennis Lee

NMK Museum Network Fellowship Alumni 2012:

  • Ms.Kimberly Chung
  • Ms. Sarah Laursen
  • Mr. Ignacio Adriasola
  • Ms. Birgitta Augustin
  • Mr. Yanfei Zhu
  • Mr. Nathaniel Kingdon
  • Ms. Ka-Yi Ho
  • Ms. Maya Stiller
  • Ms. Julia Grimes
  • Ms. Marjorie Burge
  • Mr. Baoping Li
  • Mr. Chia-chiu Tsai
  • Mr. Tashiro Yuichiro

How to apply

The annual fellowship announcement will be posted on the website www.museum.go.kr in late January. The application packet should include the followings:
  • Completed Application Form
  • Cover Letter & Curriculum Vitae
  • One Official Letter of Recommendation
  • Official Degree/Enrollment Verification


  • Hyeonji Kong, International Relations Coordinator, National Museum of Korea
  • 137 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 04383, Republic of Korea

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137 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 04383, Republic of Korea Tel : +82-2-2077-9000