• Immersive Digital Gallery 2
  • Location of Immersive Digital Gallery 2 on 2F of permanent exhibition hall

Immersive Digital Gallery 2

This HD digital video vividly captures the magnificent painting City of Supreme Peace, a detailed visualization of the ideal land as imagined by the people of the late Joseon period. Wandering among different shops, surrounded by around 2,100 animated people, you will fully experience the festive joy and spectacle of the city. This area also offers VR tours of museum storage and the Conservation Center.
  • ◦ Location: Eastern area of Donated Works Gallery (2nd floor of Permanent Exhibition Hall)
  • ◦ Admission: Please make a separate reservation for VR tours.
  • ◦ Hours: 10:00 to 30 minutes prior to museum closing
  • ◦ Program
    This is the information table about Title, Run-time, Summary, Schedule in the Immersive Digital Gallery 2 program.
    Title Run-time Summary Schedule
    Into the Day of Supreme Peace: The City of Supreme Peace - The City of Supreme Peace visualizes the complete landscape of the ideal city of the Joseon people. Discover a world of wonders for yourself in this interactive touch-screen event. Daily
    (free viewing)
    Conservation Center VR 15 mins. Enter the Conservation Center and take part in the conservation treatment and analysis of a Korean National Treasure: the pottery vessel shaped like a rider on horseback. Daily
    (reservation required)
    Museum Storage VR 20 mins. Visit the museum storage area to explore some of the hidden treasures of the museum collection. Daily
    (reservation required)
    Reliquaries from Gameunsa Temple VR 20 mins. Examine the fine details of the ornate reliquaries from Gameunsa Temple in this fascinating VR tour. Daily
    (reservation required)
    *The run-time of the VR experiences may vary depending on the user.

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