Distance Learning/ Digital Programs

1. Museum Live Show!


  • Details: Real-time distance learning related with cultural heritage and museum
  • Participants: Remote local schools
  • Date: Scheduled for October to December in 2020
  • Venue: Education Center and Permanent Exhibition Hall

2. Museum Journey with Tablet PC


  • Details: Post learning by using AR-based exhibition viewing game and coding
  • Participants: Group of upper grade Elementary or Middle school classes
  • Date: May – November 2020 / Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00 am ~ 12:00 pm
  • Venue: Permanent Exhibition Hall

3. National Museum of Korea Cyber Course


  • Details: Online lecture on museum-related fields and job training
  • Participants: Professionals and citizens
  • Date: Throughout 2020
  • Venue: E-leaning website of the National Museum of Korea (Sign-up is required)

Zoom In/Out


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