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    Special exhibition Stories of my friends, Sipjangsaeng
    • Date
    • 2023-05-02 ~ 2024-04-15

    Sun, cloud, mountain, water, pine, rock, elixir plant(lingzhi mushroom), crane, turtle, and deer:
    These ten natural things are collectively called sipjangsaeng in Korea.
    They reflect the desire of Korean people from the past to live long, healthy lives.
    Sipjangsaeng are also part of nature, with which we live in harmony.
    What stories will sipjangsaeng tell us today?

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    metaverse Children’s Museum of the National Museum The Children’s Museum of the National Museum of Korea
    • Date
    • 2022-11-30 ~ 2023-12-31

    Three virtual worlds – “Children’s Museum World”, “Space Jump”, and “Discovering Fire” – combine to form this metaverse.

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    The Child in all of Us The Child in all of Us
    • Date
    • 2022-05-03 ~ 2023-03-06

    What is your favorite day of the year?
    In Korea there is Children’s Day, when every child is the star of the day.
    May 5 this year marks the 100th Children’s Day we have celebrated in Korea.
    To celebrate this important anniversary, we invite you to our special exhibition called ‘The Child in all of Us’.
    Everyone either was or is a child. Let’s have fun here with play, gifts, and talk!

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    Special exhibition A Whale’s Journey: Bangudae Rock Paintings
    • Date
    • 2020-12-18 ~ 2022-04-03

    Along the Daegokcheon Stream in Ulsan, a city in the southeastern region of the Korean Peninsula, there are towering rock cliffs. People who lived here long ago made carvings on these rocks. Why do you think people of the past carved images of animals into rocks? Let's begin our journey through discovering interesting stories hidden in the petroglyphs of Bangudae Terrace.

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