Silla : The Splendid Golden Kingdom

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Approximately two thousand years ago there was a country called ‘Silla’ which was located on the Korean peninsula. The inhabitants of Silla followed a tradition to bury their loyalty in huge tombs which were filled with many beautiful goods made from gold, such as crowns, rings, earrings, and bracelets. Golden bracelets, glass beads, and glass vessels that originated from the Silk Road were also discovered inside the tomb. The neighboring Japanese had said, “Silla is a richly colored country full of gold and silver.” An Arabic author once wrote in his book telling how common gold was in Silla. Who were those people of Silla who made and used such beautiful objects that were so breathtaking to the modern eye. What kind of a country was Silla? Let’s follow two friends from Silla and Arabia to watch the splendid ancient kingdom of Silla unfold before our very eyes.