Seogamni Gold Buckle of Pyeongyang

  • Culture / Period

    Nangnang Commandery

  • Provenance

    9th Tomb, Seokam-ri, Daedong-gun, Pyeongannam-do

  • Materials


  • Dimensions

    L. 9.4cm

  • Designation

    National Treasure 89

  • Accession Number


This artifact is the pure gold buckle of a belt. Hundreds of small golden bits are pasted to the thin gold plate and its rim is decorated with gold yarn. 53.6g of gold was used to create this buckle. In the center a huge dragon is depicted. Six small dragons crowd around it. The body of the main dragon is depicted with relatively thick golden bits and its nose is exaggerated. Originally, there used to be 41 small, blue jewels between the big and small dragons, but now only seven jewels remain.

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