Woman Riding a Horse

  • Culture / Period

    Tang Dynasty

  • Provenance

    Turpan, Xinjiang Uygur, China

  • Materials


  • Dimensions

    H. 38.5cm, W. 29.0cm

  • Accession Number


This clay statue of a woman riding a horse was among the grave items excavated from the Astana Graves, which was the main burial site for aristocrats during the Turpan region from the 3rd - 8th centuries. The woman has a plump face and makeup on her forehead, which is characteristic of women from the Tang Dynasty. The color scheme of the statue is quite wonderful, as the woman’s black hair and white skin harmonize well with her brilliant red clothing, atop the brown saddle and gray-blue horse. The horse’s breast collar, reins, and snaffle bit are depicted with simple lines of ink. The woman’s clothing is the style which was popular in the Western Regions (西域, present-day Xinjiang) during the Tang Dynasty. The fashion and other details of this figurine provide valuable information about the traits of the time period.

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