Silver Cup from the North Mound of Hwangnamdaechong Tomb

  • Culture / Period

    Silla Kingdom

  • Provenance

    Gyeongju-si North Mound, Hwangnamdaechong, Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

  • Materials


  • Dimensions

    H. 3.5cm, D. 8.8cm

  • Designation

    Treasure 627

  • Accession Number


This is a silver bowl excavated from the North Mound of the Hwangnamdaechong Tomb in Gyeongju. Its surface is decorated with a lotus design, and its top part is inscribed with triangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal designs. Diverse designs are inscribed on the tortoise back-shaped space in the middle of the surface, including a roe deer, bird, tiger, horse, snake, kalavinka (mythical Buddhist bird), deer, and a human figure. The bottom part is inscribed with Buddhist floral leaves and contains a protruded design of a three-legged crow, which is commonly found in the mural tombs of Goguryeo. The designs on the exterior surface were made by a striking method and then finished exquisitely with a sharp-edged tool like a knife.

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