Rubbed Copy of Sunsu Monument of King Jinheung at Hwangcho Ridge (Hamheung)

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This is the rubbed copy of the remaining part of the front side of the monument at Hwangcho ridge. A total of 215 letters in 12 lines were confirmed with 11 letters in the first line, 14 in the second line, 15 in the third line, 17 in the fourth line, 23 in the fifth line, 22 in the sixth line, 21 in the seventh line, 22 in the eighth line, 20 in the ninth, 18 in the 10th line, 17 in the 11th line and 15 in the 12th line. Notably, the only part that is handed down is the bottom right part, not the upper left. In this copy, the rubbing of the bottom right part is not taken. This monument was constructed to commemorate the celebration of King Jinheung and the retainers after the King finished his royal tour around the Hamheung area in 568.

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