"Bodeokgul Cave" from the Album of Paintings of Geumgangsan Mountain

  • Culture / Period

    Joseon Dynasty

  • Materials


  • Artist

    Jeong Seon(鄭敾, 1676-1759)

  • Dimensions

    36.3x35.9cm(Image, Album)

  • Accession Number


This painting was produced by Jeong Seon (1676-1759) in 1711 when he was 36. That year, he was provided financial support by Yi Byeong-yeon (pen-name: Sacheon) and visited a number of sites on and around Geumgangsan Mountain together with a person by the pen-name of Baekseok. He produced thirteen landscape paintings which were then made into an album. The names of the mountain peaks and roads are clearly marked on the paintings, showing the influence of maps produced in the Joseon period.

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