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The Dream of a King: Masterpieces from the Dresden State Art Collections

  • Location

    Special Exhibition Gallery (1st Floor of Permanent Exhibition Hall)

  • Date Sep-19-2017 ~ Nov-26-2017

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Beginning in the Fall of 2017, the National Museum of Korea is pleased to host a special exhibition, The Dream of a King: Masterpieces from the Dresden State Art Collections. This special exhibition is in collaboration with the Dresden State Art Collections in Germany, one of the oldest museum institutions in Europe. It will feature 130 baroque masterpieces from Dresden for the very first time in Korea.

The highlight of this special exhibition is the collection of Augustus the Strong (1670 – 1733), the Elector of Saxony and the King of Poland. He realised his dream of a baroque art as an expression of wealth and absolutist power. Visitors will enjoy the exquisite collection of Augustus the Strong, including jewelry and handcrafts produced by the best jewelers and goldsmiths of the time, as well as Meissen Porcelain, which was invented as the first hard porcelain in Europe, and imported porcelains from China and Japan.

Also, the exhibition will present a macrophotographic structure to illustrate the original Dresden Palace, where the collections were initially displayed. This will provide the unique experience of feeling as though one is observing the exhibition in the Palace in Europe. We hope that all visitors enjoy experiencing the essence of Baroque art in Europe with this phenomenal sensory experience of traveling through both time and space to the Dresden Royal Palace of the 18th century.


General Information

  • Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 – Sunday, November 26, 2017  

  • Location: Special Exhibition Gallery (1st floor of Permanent Exhibition Hall)

  • Main Exhibits: 130 collections from Rüstkammer (Armoury), Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault), and
                            Porzellansammlung (Porcelain Collection) of Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden 
                            (Dresden State Art Collections)

  • Organized by the National Museum of Korea, the Gwangju National Museum, the Dresden State Art Collections

  • In collaboration with the National Museum Cultural Foundation

  • Supported by the Goethe-Institut Korea

Continuing the exhibition at the Gwangju National Museum: December 19, 2017 – April 8, 2018


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Exhibition Package

(“METAL, IRON, STEEL –The Cultural History of Iron”+ “The Dream of a King”)

METAL, IRON, STEEL –The Cultural History of Iron

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Part 1 Augustus the Strong

The protagonist of this special exhibition is Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland. Search in Augustus the Strong’s military state dress, sun mask, sword, hunting utensils for signs of his ambition to institute an absolute monarchy, the symbolic meaning of “the Strong” in his name, and hidden metaphors. The collections are from the Rüstkammer.

Part 2
Green Vault: The King’s Treasure Chambers
The Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, August the Strong, had the Grünes Gewölbe—also known as the Green Vault—installed with the aim of designating Dresden as a hub of European art and collected treasures. This exhibition will introduce ivory, bronze, gold, silver, diamonds, and more treasures, representing each room of the Grünes Gewölbe.

Part 3 Porcelain Palace: The King's Unfinished Dream
Augustus the Strong—who discovered the secret of manufacturing porcelain in Europe and the Western world—died prior to the completion of the Porcelain Palace. Along with Augustus the Strong’s vision, imported porcelains from 18th-century China and Japan and early-stage Meissen Porcelain (which was inspired by those imported East Asian porcelains) will be displayed. The exhibition will use precious and unique objects from the Porzellansammlung (Porcelain Collection).


Special Exhibition Program

Special Lectures & Discussion

Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 2 p.m.

  • Venue: Lecture Room #1
    (German–Korean simultaneous interpretation will be provided. Seating is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.)

[Session 1]
Collecting Porcelain in the 18th century: The Case of Dresden Court and Joseon’s Royal Family

Speakers: Julia Weber, Dresden State Art Collections
Im Jin A, National Museum of Korea

[Session 2]
Macrophotographic Documentation of Green Vault for the Exhibition "The Dream of a King"

Speakers: Jörg Schöner, Studio CJS
Kim Youngmin, National Museum of Korea

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