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Inaugural Display of Gifted Goryeo Buddhist Painting :

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  • Date Oct-18-2016 ~ Nov-13-2016

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Inaugural Display of Gifted Goryeo Buddhist Painting :

Water-moon Avalokitesvara, the Finest of Goryeo Buddhist Paintings

This exhibition is to present Water-moon Avalokiteshvara (Korean: Suwol Gwaneum), Goryeo Buddhist painting recently gifted by Kolmar Korea CEO Yoon Donghan, to the public for the first time.

This painting depicts the scene in which the boy pilgrim Sudhana (Korean: Seonjae dongja) is visiting the sanctuary of Avalokitesvara with magnificent rocks in the background.

Water-Moon Avalokitesvara is a guise of Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva (Gwaneum). Such appellation originated from the belief that  he always presents himself to salvage those in calamity when they call out in distress, like the Moon shedding its light on the surfaces of all water bodies on earth(혹은 on every pool of water). Likewise, it is our sincere hope that many a viewer will be illuminated with the donor’s honorable purpose.

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