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This page allows you to view Korean Collections held by renowned museums outside of Korea. You can also read exciting stories written by local curators, who play an essential role in introducing Korean art objects to the world.
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No Institution Photo Country Link
Korean Art Object NMK Webzine NRICH Report
1 *The Metropolitan Museum of Art US 바로가기 바로가기
2 *The British Museum England 바로가기 바로가기
3 *Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution US 바로가기 바로가기
4 *The Los Angeles County Museum of Art US 바로가기 바로가기
5 Museum of Anthropology, The University of British Columbia Canada 바로가기
6 *Royal Ontario Museum Canada 바로가기 바로가기
7 The Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge England 바로가기
8 Victoria and Albert Museum England 바로가기 바로가기 바로가기
9 Guimet Museum of Asian Art France 바로가기 바로가기 바로가기
10 *Museum of East Asian Art Cologne Germany 바로가기 바로가기 바로가기
11 *Koryo Museum Japan 바로가기 바로가기
12 The Japan Folk Crafts Museum Japan 바로가기 바로가기
13 The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka Japan 바로가기 바로가기
14 Tokyo National Museum Japan 바로가기 바로가기 바로가기
15 National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden Netherlands 바로가기
16 Seattle Asian Art Museum US 바로가기 바로가기
17 *Brooklyn Museum US 바로가기 바로가기 바로가기
18 *Cleveland Museum of Art US 바로가기
19 *Museum of Fine Arts, Boston US 바로가기 바로가기 바로가기
20 *Philadelphia Museum of Art US 바로가기 바로가기
21 *Portland Art Museum US 바로가기 바로가기
22 *The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of Oregon US 바로가기 바로가기
23 National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution US 바로가기
24 The Art Institute of Chicago US 바로가기
25 *Newark Museum US 바로가기
26 *Asian Art Museum US 바로가기 바로가기
27 *The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston US 바로가기 바로가기
28 *USC Pacific Asia Museum US 바로가기
29 *Honolulu Museum of Art US 바로가기 바로가기
30 *Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, University of Minnesota US 바로가기
31 *Detroit Institute of Arts US 바로가기
32 University of Michigan Museum of Art US 바로가기
33 Peabody Essex Museum US 바로가기
34 *National Museum of Oriental Art, Italy Italy 바로가기 바로가기
35 *The Sèvres National Ceramics Museum, France France 바로가기
36 *Museum of ethnology, Hamburg Germany 바로가기
37 The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow Russia 바로가기 바로가기
38 Art Gallery of New South Wales Australia 바로가기 바로가기
39 The Museum Yamato Bunkakan Japan 바로가기
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