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The National Museum of Korea has been fulfilling its role as a national institution by cooperating in the various activities of UNESCO, an intergovernmental organization. In December 2013, the Museum signed the “Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation in Protection and Conservation of Cultural Heritage” with the Korean National Commission for UNESCO, creating a framework for closer cooperation in academic research, international exchange projects, mutual utilization of collections and content, and communication with the general public.

UNESCO operates intergovernmental committees and expert forums. The National Museum of Korea has been actively participating in the implementation of policies aimed at researching the activities of these organizations and promoting the mutual exchange of information between them.

The National Museum of Korea is the National Focal Point in the Republic of Korea for the “UNESCO Silk Road Online Platform” project. The Museum’s role in this capacity includes sharing the status of research on the Silk Road in the Republic of Korea, as well as promoting networking among experts.

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