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The Directors Meeting of National Museums, Korea-China-Japan is a consultative body founded by the mutual agreement of three museums: the National Museum of Korea, the National Museum of China, and the Tokyo National Museum. The vision of the Meeting is fulfilling the role of a national museum and representing Asia.

Through this Meeting, which began in 2006, the three museums have been making constant efforts to promote mutual cooperation and exchange in various areas, including exhibitions, human resources, and information.

The Joint Special Exhibition of National Museums, Korea-China-Japan held at the Tokyo National Museum in Japan in 2014, was one of the many meaningful outcomes of these efforts. The joint exhibition was meaningful because it was the result of years of continuous collaboration among the three. Starting with the 2014 exhibition, the three museums plan to hold joint special exhibitions under themes to be proposed by the hosting museum of each event.

We hope the Directors Meeting establishes a solid foundation for cultural exchange among the three countries, and strengthens their friendship.

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