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The Asia·Europe Museum Network (ASEMUS) is a cross-cultural network that consists of museums in the member states of Asia·Europe Meeting. Since its foundation in 2000, the organization has been making various efforts to promote mutual cultural understanding between the two continents, and expand inter-museum exchanges into new areas.

The National Museum of Korea has been involved in the Virtual Collection of Asian Masterpieces (VCM) project as the Asian Lead Partner. The VCM project is one of the most significant pursuits of ASEMUS. In collaboration with VCM European Lead Partners, the National Museum of Korea contributes to the creation of online forums where museums in Asia and Europe can communicate with Internet users from all over the world.

Director-General Kim Youngna served as the chairperson of ASEMUS from October 2011 to September 2014. The National Museum of Korea hosted the 5th General Conference of ASEMUS (ASEMUS 2012 Seoul) in 2012. At ASEMUS 2012 Seoul, which was held under the theme “New and Sustainable Museum Education,“ delegations from member museums in Asia and Europe presented their academic achievements, and shared their opinions on the future of museums.

Through ASEMUS activities, the National Museum of Korea seeks to promote exchanges between museums on the two continents, and foster a deeper understanding among member museums.

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