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The Asian National Museums Association (ANMA) was founded in 2007, amidst a growing need for a community of mutual collaboration. ANMA is dedicated to promoting exchange and cooperation between national museums in Asia.

Twelve representative museums in Asia have joined ANMA since its establishment. These member museums take turns hosting the Executive Committee Meeting, which is held every two years. The first meeting was held at the National Museum of Korea.

At the Executive Committee Meeting, members discuss academic, personal, and exhibition collaborations among the museums. In addition to the Executive Committee Meeting, ANMA also conducts the Regular Congress, where each museum makes a presentation on a theme proposed by the hosting museum.

12 National Museums Participating in the Executive Committee

  • Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore
  • National Museum, Department of Museums Malaysia
  • National Museum of Cambodia
  • National Museum of China
  • National Museum of Indonesia
  • National Museum of Korea
  • National Museum of Mongolia
  • National Museum of Nepal
  • National Museum of New Delhi, India
  • Office of National Museums, Thailand
  • Tokyo National Museum
  • Vietnam National Museum of History

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