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NMK 2017 Museum Network Fellowship Program
Date2017-01-20 Hit2101

NMK 2017 Museum Network Fellowship Program




In an effort to shed light upon Korean Studies, the National Museum of Korea offers its sixth annual fellowship, entitled the NMK 2017 Museum Network Fellowship. The program is designed to promote the advancement of museum related Korean studies overseas.

Given the program’s purpose, applicants must be non-Korean citizens. Thus candidates should not hold any relevant previous, concurrent and subsequent fellowships or academic research positions provided by any Korean institutions. Desirable candidates are overseas curators with Korean / Asian Study specialty working at museums or museum-related institutions, or researchers who published thesis or articles on Korean / Asian Study between 2012~2016(for 5years). Candidates who are not focused on Korean studies will still be considered if their specialties pertain to Far East Asia. This is a bilingual program in which proficiency in English is required and fluency in Korean is also a plus for participation. The 2017 participants will be brought together to our museum in Seoul, allowing us to build up our museum network for future museum generations and to enhance the quality of their research.

The program will provide the participants with valuable opportunities to gain field experience in Korean culture through comprehensive lectures on museum related Korean studies, workshops, research and site visits around the country.

2017 NMK Fellow Workshop
More than 6 Lectures (may include)
  - History of Korea & Archaeology of Korea(Ancient Tombs)
  - Prints of Korea & Buddhist Art of Korea
  - Paintings of Korea & Ceramics of Korea
More than 6 Site Visits (may include)
  - Various Museums in Korea (national, private)
  - Historic monuments

  - A completed application form
  - An employment certificate(a studentship certificate for students)

  - A copy of proof document for each previous research achievements

     (abstract of thesis/article, cover and contents of journal of your article etc.)


All documents should be received by February 20, 2017. (via electronic mail)


The program, covered from July 2 ~ July 15, 2017, will provide the participants with round-trip airfare (economy class), accommodations, regional tour expenses and other necessary expenses.


Address: The NMK 2017 Museum Network Fellowship
Cultural Relations and Publicity Division, National Museum of Korea
137 Seobinggo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-026/Republic of Korea




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