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Presenting the New Year’s Cultural Activities
Date2017-01-19 Hit3384

Celebrate the Lunar New Year 

at the National Museum of Korea

and regional National Museums

- Presenting the New Year’s Cultural Activities -

On the Lunar New Year Day (January 28th), the National Museum of Korea (Director General Yi Young-Hoon) closes the Permanent Exhibition Hall for a day, but the nation’s cultural complex still opens the special exhibition (charged), “Egyptian Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum”and its outdoor facilities including the Pargoda Garden to the public during the whole period of the New Year holiday. At the Open Plaza, the Museum will present Namsadang Nori, a special performance from 3 p.m. to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Regional National Museums also join in with providing a variety of playful cultural activities, including traditional performances, folk game experience, and screening family movies throughout the Seollal holiday.

Visitors of the Gyeongju National Museum can enjoy “Folk Game and Traditional Food Experience” while those who visit the Daegu National Museum can watch “Family Movies,” enjoying “Folk Game.” The Gimhae National Museum will offer “Joyful Yut Fortune-telling” event, and the Jinju National Museum will invite visitors to experience “Making Rubbing Copies of Sibijisin (the twelve Chinese zodiac animals).”

Likewise, the Cheongju National Museum prepares “Traditional Culture Experience”program and the Gongju National Museum chooses “Traditional Folk Game”to offer. The Buyeo National Museum will invite the public to the on-site activity entitled, “Having the Family Code of Conduct Handwritten.”

Visitors can further experience the traditional Korean culture with abundant hands-on activities such as“Making Traditional Crafts” at the Jeonju National Museum, “Imprinting Amulets” at the Gwangju National Museum, “Traditional Folk Game” at the Naju National Museum, “Samul Nori Experience” at the Chuncheon National Museum, and “Folk Game and Food Experience” at the Jeju National Museum.

All activities are free of charge, except the charged special exhibition, Egyption Treasures from the Brooklyn Museum.


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