Medieval and Early Modern History Gallery

Thematic [Past]

Xiongnu, the Great Empire of the Steppes -Mongolian Archeological Excavation Result Exhibition

  • Location

    Prehistory and Ancient History

  • Date2013-04-30~2013-06-19



Exhibition Outline:

 - The Archaeology and History Department surveyed the Huns' tombs in Duurlig Nars and Khentii Aimag in Mongolia starting 2006, surveyed annually thereafter. Of them, the exhibition will offer an introduction to Tomb No. 1, a gigantic tomb with a length of 54m, accompanied by its attached tombs that were excavated in 2009, 2010 and 2011. 

Representative Relics and Quantity
 - 100 artifacts including jade disk excavated from Duurlig Nars Tomb No. 1.
Competent Department and Official:  Archaeology and History Department