Overview The Donated Works section displays treasures that have been generously donated to
the museum by individual collectors, including exquisite examples of painting,
ceramics, sculpture, lacquer ware, metal arts, tiles, and more.

Exhibition Scale 2,844.62㎡

Hachiuma Tadasu Gallery Exhibition Room Preview(VR)

Main Collection

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    The Hachiuma Tadasu Gallery contains artifacts that Mr. Hachiuma Tadasu donated to the National Museum of Korea in 1994. The collection comprises 383 artifacts, ranging from the Bronze Age to the Joseon Dynasty, collected by his father, Mr. Hachiuma Kanesuke (八馬兼介) from the 1920s to the 1930s. Hachiuma Kanesuke was a leading capitalist and businessman who served as the first president of the Kobe Bank in Japan.


    This impressive collection includes a gilt bronze Buddha statue from Silla; gold earrings from Baekje; ancient weapons, such as ground stone knives and catapults; accessories from the Three Kingdoms period, such as earrings, small Buddha statues and Sarira bottles; and various personal ornaments, such as hair decorations, conveying delicate artisan techniques.